Clean Scene




         We use the steam cleaning method, which is specified by most manufacturers as the proper maintenance.  In fact, with some manufacturers, if this system is not used, the factory warranty will be considered void.


          Our IICRC certified technicians inspect your carpet first to determine which dyes and fabrics were used to manufacture your carpets.  Then they will give their professional recommendation for cleaning.


          Our truck-mounted cleaning systems are much more powerful than smaller in-home and rental devices.  This means you get cleaner carpets that dry faster.  Usually within 4 to 6 hours they will be dry to the touch and able to be walked on again.


          Our system heats the water to 200 degrees, which is the maximum recommended temperature for the benefit of your carpet.  We use a pre-spray that breaks down soil and a detergent emulsifier that lifts the dirt to the surface for a more thorough clean. 


          The detergents we use are non-toxic, colorless and for the most part, odorless.  They are safe for your family and pets.  Because our system is truck mounted we eliminate the potential for your property to get damaged, as well as eliminating the need to use your electricity.